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Get Involved!

Whether this is your child’s first year at APC Dayschool or you have a TKer who has been here since they were a baby, we hope you are getting to experience the wonderful community of our school. One of the things that makes this place so special is it isn’t just a Dayschool. It’s a community of children, parents, staff, and teachers who have created a place of belonging.



The PAC exists to lead the way in creating opportunities for parent involvement in APC Dayschool. We work alongside of the Dayschool teachers and staff to create and host special events throughout the year that foster community and connection amongst students, parents, teachers, and staff of the Dayschool. Let’s LEAD THE WAY together! 



As our city has grown tremendously over the years, we know it can be hard to make connections and build relationships.  And because we have an abundance of incredible families at our school, we want to do our best to provide opportunities for connection. 


Whether you own a salon, work for a non-profit, own a painting company, or build and remodel homes, the list is endless for how we as a school community can support one another.  We have created a small directory for our families so that you can know where to go the next time you need a haircut.  Or the next restaurant to try on your date night!


If you are interested in sharing your business, freelancing services or talents, please click here to complete the form.

The Parent Network Directory 



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